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"What a talented, amazing and beautiful individual. Kyle is remarkably talented, with an incredible soul to match. He is such a sweet and genuine person, a TRUE gem."

Los Angeles, CA

"His work is fabulously creative, only matched by his passion and superb work ethic. He will go so far in the field of design and any other fields where his passion may lead."

Cincinnati, OH

"An amazing young talent has arrived...and has been discovered!! I can’t wait to see what Kyle will create next. What a beautiful, creative mind!!"

Los Angeles, CA

"Kyle is passionate and dedicated, producing excellent pieces! I’m always in awe of his work!"

Atlanta, GA

"Breathtaking designs! Keep an eye on this one."

Los Angeles, CA

"Kyle is such an amazing, talented person. I am so thankful to have met him! I look forward to seeing where your gift takes you."

Cincinnati, OH

"Kyle is so amazing!! He has a beautiful eye for fashion."

Cleveland, OH

"Kyle is an amazing designer but an even more amazing person. I am constantly inspired by him and can’t wait to see where all of his hard work and creativity takes him!"

Detroit, MI

"Every design that Kyle creates so clearly and honestly exudes his passion and personality: meticulous yet free-spirited, sophisticated yet light-hearted, delicate yet powerful. Each piece is a passion project and you can see that at every stage, from conception to completion. Each design truly is a piece of who Kyle is and he never fails to spread joy and uniqueness in every piece he creates."

Denver, CO

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