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Kyle Denman, 'CLOTH, Construct, CULTURE fashion builds a story', 2023, photo by Rhonda P.


"CLOTH, Construct, CULTURE"

"CLOTH, Construct, CULTURE: fashion builds a story”, curated by Rhonda P. Hill, highlights work from nine international designers concerned with deeper issues about the world we live in expressed through a framework of storytelling. These fashion designers consciously define their work as art, constructing unique installations in cloth that tell a story. Nonconforming and experimental, they have created an innovative body of work that has timeless appeal, substance, is culturally savvy while sending a strong message through their designs, often reaching viewers otherwise not engaged in our aesthetic discourse. This new generation of designers is not about ‘cut and sew and sell’. Their work is about concept, meaning, and why it matters to create. They present their collections through a framework of storytelling on world issues with a defiant and passionate resolve to protect earth’s resources; in an age of divisive politics and multiculturalism, to celebrate cultural and individual identity; to raise concern for technology and the loss of real-time human connection; and to recognize untold history while calling attention to the unfairness of marginalization. This framework of storytelling manifests through their design. 

Parallax Art Center—located in Portland, Oregon—amplifies social justice and environmental protection through inclusive art programs, exhibitions, and experiences. It ensures that it remains true to the vision of a more compassionate and equitable world, where inclusivity, kindness, and authenticity are paramount. Parallax believes in constantly staying informed and self-reflective on global and community matters and approaching our programming with a commitment to inclusivity, altruism, and a de-centered approach that uplifts others.

The exhibition was on display from October 24, 2023 to January 24, 2024.

House of Lucie

The International Design Awards (IDA) exist to acknowledge, celebrate, and promote extraordinary design visionaries throughout the world, as well as to find rising talent in architecture, interior design, product design, graphic design, and fashion design. The House of Lucie is the gallery, office, and physical home of the Lucie Foundation. It features a modern exhibition space presenting the Lucie Awards Honoree’s “Wall of Fame” as well as exhibiting the work of local and international photographers. Additionally, the House of Lucie is a venue for rotating exhibits, seminars, talks, and events to promote photography to a broad audience. The House of Lucie now has locations in Budapest, Iran, Italy, and Greece. Located in Falks Miksa Street, one of Budapest’s most famous and prestigious streets of art and galleries, House of Lucie was established by Hossein Farmani as a space to showcase the extraordinary work of award honorees—including the International Design Awards—as well as to carry on his passion for discovering, collecting, and sharing the work of local and international talent.

The exhibition was on display from August 18 to September 20, 2022.

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