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Kyle Denman is a fashion designer and artist based in Los Angeles, California. Before entering the fashion industry, Denman studied political science. Having always loved art growing up, he craved creative expression and freedom and moved to Los Angeles to pursue fashion design in 2016. Since then, Denman has received numerous accolades for his work, including being recognized as the 2021 International Fashion Designer of the Year and being named on the inaugural Forbes 30 Under 30 Los Angeles list.

In addition to designing, Denman currently teaches fashion design and art to youth from historically disenfranchised and under-resourced communities in Los Angeles. Many of the young people with whom he works are systems-impacted and have experienced trauma from trafficking, housing insecurity, gang violence, domestic violence, and substance abuse. Through the lenses of fashion, art, and design, Denman teaches these young people social-emotional skills—a former student explained that his programming saved her life and taught her how to love herself. Denman currently serves as the Executive Director of the social impact arts organization, Arts Bridging the Gap.


Denman's mission is to ignite a culture of change through creativity and curiosity. He hopes to use his own platform and privilege to create social change, share cultural narratives, and expand the creative economy. He believes fashion is an all-encompassing art that is movement, design, and architecture juxtaposed in political, social, and cultural contexts. As a fashion designer, Denman is known for his avant-garde creations, unique silhouettes and construction techniques, and emotional storytelling. 

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2023 Forbes 30 Under 30 Los Angeles List


2022 MUSE Design Award Platinum Award

2021 International Design Awards Fashion Designer of the Year

2021 International Design Awards Gold in Avant-Garde Womenswear


2021 International Design Awards Gold in Haute Couture Womenswear


2021 International Design Awards Gold in Runway Collections

2018 Young Fashion Designer of the Year

2016 Project Runway Remake It Work Grand Prize Winner

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