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Following the life cycle of an orchid, this three look capsule collection attempts to reach a state in which the viewer becomes lost in the world of both complexity and simplicity. Nascent Being is meant to provoke thought yet entertain nostalgia, transcending the boundaries of fashion and art in order to tell a profound story of life and humanity.

As orchids begin to bloom, for a brief time, their buds are a pale pink. They eventually blossom into the familiar flowers, most commonly seen as white. Throughout history and across cultures, an orchid has represented passion and sexuality as well as innocence and purity. In this sense, it lives a paradoxical existence—just like humans do; yet further interpretation delineates its being an organic duality, representing both innocence and maturity coalesced in a singular entity.

Inspired by an orchid, Nascent Being attempts to juxtapose humanity’s ideal vision of innocence at a child’s birth—wholeness, completeness, pureness—and the decay of said innocence as that child, through learned behavior and exposure to its surroundings, begins to experience the human narrative. Just like the orchid, this collection is at once dynamic yet understated, hard yet soft, and anachronistic yet timeless.


The orchid goes through the same life cycle as we humans do—its birth is subsequently followed by its burgeoning wheel of existence complete with struggles and moments of peace. However, this flower never loses its innocence and instead develops another layer in the form of maturity, and instead of ever losing its beauty, the orchid only becomes even more beautiful over time. Rather than white representing the typical innocence of life, the white of an orchid represents its maturation from the pale pink bud—it’s in this juxtaposition that we see purity in our own lived experiences.

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